Maximum Impact!
Maximum Impact!
About This Project

You want a valuable relationship with your customers across all channels. With as many interactions as possible. Because more interactions, means bigger impact. And bigger impact leads to higher value and more conversions.


Mediaconnect helps you to empower engagement across all channels. Mediaconnect is a multi channel storytelling platform for maximum impact.



The core functions of Mediaconnect are:


1. Managed content

Photo’s, video’s and files are centralized in the cloud. With the right metadata, searchable and easy to share woth others systems and partners.


2. Multi Channel Publishing

You audience is everywhere. On your site, your app and social media. You have only one option: be present where your audience is! Multi channel publishing.


3. Personal engagement

The more relevant the interaction, the greater the impact and higher the value. Get to know your audience, know their preferences and offer personalized content and recommendations.


4. Connected Data

Succesfull companies optimize continuously based on actual and relevant data. Get real time insights of your impact en learn the factors that drive more engagement.



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